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​RAPTURE - Deer Mineral " BEYOND THE NEXT LEVEL " scented and flavored in liquid and granule form. Five different scents and flavors used as a stand alone supplement or as an additive to feed. Available in one gallon liquid jugs and one gallon pails this attractant unlike no other brings a whole new dynamic to your wild game and domestic animal benefits and needs. Used in multiple game species pursuance and exceptional in antler development. You want big deer? Let's talk shop. So much so we put it right on the label. OI/OI builds the strongest, simple, user friendly tools we can produce to aid in increasing your animal traffic. Translated always means. Up Your Odds! 
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​Another satisfied OI/OI customer with a heavily documented buck showing the consistent progress and powerful attractiveness RAPTURE deer mineral brings to the table. If you want results OI/OI is the right place.                               Up Your Odds!
These other scents and flavors are also available upon request. Simply email us at oioioutdoor@gmail.com or click the contact us button above to inquire.