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The first of it's kind unique to OI/OI only. Rack Grip "Get A Tight Grip On Your Rack". This new piece of equipment is sure to revolutionize the way the industry percieves antler rattling. First is the fact that it aids in the removal of your hands from being all jarred up in your sequence during rattling. Second, and by far most obvious is the fact that getting your hands off the antler while rattling increases the frequency. Making your sequence sound louder, and heavier. Watch the instant action increase as the volume carrys further than it ever has before. They cannot resist. "These deer antler handle bar grips help you get a handle on your rattle". This patent pending design brings the most realistic sound to the rattling sequence humans will be able to replicate without the aid of electronics. Every animal in the forest knows what this sound is when heard. Now you have that power available to you. So stop using toys and start using tools that work when calling deer, because when you call little deer you get little deer, when you call BIG deer you get BIG deer. Start talking to BIG deer more often & Up Your Odds! 
Wholesale ordering code: #OIOIRG