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​MAGNET- Fish Attractant. Comes in an 8 ounce liquid spray and a 2 ounce jelly/paste form. This secret formula shared by an elderly gentleman several years back understood our sharing/affordable/results motto and our slogan Up Your Odds! A blend of multiple organic ingredients this non-petroleum fish attractant is legal everywhere. With multiple fish tourney registrations including ice, salt, and fresh water, a world record animal under it's belt, and every genre of wild game pursuit you can imagine from, trapping, predators, gators, crabbing, and more. There is really just about no limit with this diverse user friendly tool. All species of fish, 3 to 1 hits increase with versus without using identical baits be it artificial or live baits. We increase animal traffic which translates to we "Up Your Odds!" Dealing in frequencies for stimulating animals is what we do. This secret foul smelling stench is exactly why it works so extremely well. It is POTENT!!! Do not let freeze. Do not apply to clothing. Do not open indoors. It is that strong. It is that good. You want the best? You have found the right place. We invite you to experience this one of a kind product we call MAGNET.
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