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​The BuckBar originated over fifteen years ago and is by far our number one featured product with the design intent for late winter deer hunting. That late muzzle loading and bow hunting season when extremely harsh conditions begin to reckon this powerful tool out performs any and everything. With it's key feature being an attractant this time of the season and conditions the BuckBar - WILL NOT FREEZE !!! It can be 20, 30, 40, below zero and is instantly palatable to the animals. They can walk right up to it and chew it. When all other liquid scent attractants and other products freeze and hold no weight in such conditions the BuckBar shines through. A true bait this tool not only works in winter where it shines but all year round on all wild game species. From hogs, to bears, to trap bait in your trap sets and so on. Make sure to keep this tool proven to get results time in time again in your arsenal no matter what bounty you may be after. The size is very user friendly no heavy bags or blocks to haul around the BuckBar will fit right in your pocket. So versatile this bait can and does perform just as well as a scent attractant alone in those areas where baiting is not allowed by simply placing them inside our scent bags and hanging off your person or stand elevated and contained where no bait is exposed simply turning your bait into a scent attractant. The strategies are endless with this tool and should not be under estimated. Visit our video media to see more tactics on BuckBar use and Up Your Odds!
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So potent the BuckBar brings consistent results time and  time again no matter how it's used. Here is Russ Adams of PLJ - Public Land Junkies Outdoors out in New Jersey showing the impact the BuckBar brings to the hunt. Your time is precious in the outdoors. Bring it to the next level Up Your Odds!